Collect Autographs (3rd Edition)

An Illustrated Guide to Collecting and Investing in Autographs

By Stanley Gibbons Staff

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Collect Autographs: An Illustrated Guide to Collecting and Investing in Autographs (3rd Edition) is a helpful catalogue. Published November 2009. The popularity of collecting and investing in autographs continues to rise and rise. Find out from a variety of experts what makes an attractive autograph, and what makes it valuable to others as well as you. How can you tell whether it's a 'fabulous or fake'?

David Lowenherz, renowned dealer in Autographs, shares his knowledge and experience. Autograph collecting is an exciting alternative investment, where many autograph prices continue to rise, and collectors remain passionately keen to increase their holdings, but there are relatively low cost barriers to entry.

Full colour over 3,000names, prices and images of collectable personalities. Read our analysis of key price changes over the past year and Fraser's 100 autograph index. Buying sports autographs? Read our insider tips. Discover the top ten factors which determine an autograph's value. Find out the fascinating stories behind some of our key items.
Stanley Gibbons
Paperback: 208 pages

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