Motorcycle Handbook

By Chilton Staff

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If you are a beginner do-it-yourself mechanic, one who's not afraid to get his or her hands dirty, then this is the manual you need to add to your motorcycle library.

1. Introduction
How To Use This Book; Safety In Motorcycle Service; The Work Area (setting Up Shop); Tools; Fasteners, Measurements And Conversions
2. Buying Your Bike
Choosing The Right Bike; Break-In
3. Riding Gear
4. Engine And Drive Train Maintenance
Engine Maintenance; Engine Tune-Up; Clutch And Transmission Maintenance; Final Drive Maintenance
5. Chassis Maintenance
Wheel And Tire Maintenance; Brake Maintenance; Suspension Maintenance; Electrical System Maintenance
6. Preparing To Ride
Getting Ready For The Ride, A Pre-Ride Check; Riding Math; Planning A Trip; Prepping To Trailer The Bike
7. Setting Up / Accessorizing The Bike
Why Would You Customize Your Bike
8. Motorcycle Cleaning And Detailing
9. Basic Troubleshooting (HOW Your Bike Works)
Troubleshooting Your Motorcycle Or Oh My! What Do I Do Now? And Hey, How Does This Thing Work Anyway; Powertrain; Fuel Systems; Understanding And Troubleshooting Electrical Systems; Suspension; Brakes
10. Winter Storage
Placing Your Bike Into Storage; Removing Your Bike From Storage
11. Glossary And Master Index
Chilton (USA)
Paperback, 500 pages

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