Classic Cars & Motorsport : Caldersmith's Irreverent Guide

By Brian Caldersmith

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Front Cover
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A cheeky A to Z illustrated guide by internationally renowned artist Brian Caldersmith.

Throughout life, Brian Caldersmith has been called many things but cheeky and talented would be the top of the list.

A passionate classic car enthusiast and world renowned artist, Brian has been responsible for creating a substantial range of amazing paintings and illustrations throughout his career.

In this Irreverent Guide to Classic Cars and Motorsport, we showcase just a small part of the extensive collection Brian has created over his working life.

Table of Contents:

● Chapter A – AA Abarth to Axles and things

● Chapter B – Backlash to Buicks and Burglars

● Chapter C – Cadillac to Cylinder via Cooper and Con Rods

● Chapter D – Daimlers, Dragster and a Dummy

● Chapter E – Things beginning with E are in this bit

● Chapter F – Lots of things starting with F

● Chapter G – Gauges to Gullwing

● Chapter H – Hairpin to Humber

● Chapter I – For things that start with I like Ignition

● Chapter J – which includes Jaguar

● Chapter K - Only a small chapter

● Chapter L – Lagonda to Lotus

● Chapter M – All sorts of M stuff

● Chapter N – Groups N through to Numbers

● Chapter O – Precedes P

● Chapter P – Group P through to Preparation

● Chapter Q to R (not much in Q’s so it’s combined with R)

● Chapter S – Group S through to Suspension

● Chapter T – Tachometers, Tim Tam and Tyres

● Chapter U – Yes, it’s U (no, not you)

● Chapter V – Valve to Voiturette

● Chapter W – Things to do with W

● Chapter X, Y&Z – XENOPHOBIA

● Tributes to Friends
Haynes Publications
124 pages

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