Chevy Big Blocks: How to Build Max Performance on a Budget

Foreword by Terry Walters

By David Vizard

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As a follow-up title to his How to Build Max-Performance Chevy Big-Blocks on a Budget, master engine builder David Vizard takes big-block Chevy engine building to the next level and shows how to build these extreme high-performance engines without breaking the bank. It goes well beyond basic performance techniques and delves into exceptional detail on each component group of the engine. Vizard shows you how to build the ultimate big-blocks for the street: engines that are up to 850 hp on 91-octane pump gas, which is a monumental achievement.

Displacement Decisions
Bores and Flow Anomalies
Minimizing Intake Shrouding
Bore Offset Power
Piston Wrist Pin Offset Potential
Modifications to the Bottom of the Bores
Bore Finishes
Modifications to the Lubrication System
Head Bolts and Studs
Strokers and Crank Clearances
Tall-Deck Blocks
Aftermarket Blocks for Big Inches
Aluminum Blocks
Other Critical Dimensions
Lifter Bores and Flat Followers
Lifter Bores and Roller Followers

Pistons, Connecting Rods and Crankshafts
Piston Porting
Dome Development
Gas Ports
Piston Rings
Connecting Rods
Crank Dampeners

Lubrication Systems
Oil Pump
Block Modifications
Crankcase Vacuum
Oil Pans

Cylinder Heads
Port Shape and Volume
Flow Curves
Production Heads
Aftermarket Iron Heads
Aluminum Head Sources

Intake Manifolds
Single- and Dual-Plane Intakes
Rectangular-Port 4150 Intakes
Dominator Intakes
Options by Manufacturer

Single-Carb Induction
Brake Specific Air Consumption
True Street Carburation
Using What You Have
Mechanical or Vacuum?
High-Flow 4150-Style Carbs
Carb Flow Capability
Dominator Tips

Tunnel Ram Intake Manifolds
Power Attributes
Dyno Test
Race-Only Applications

Electronic Fuel Injection
Carbs versus EFI
EFI System Variations
Port Injection

Camshafts and Valvetrain Events
A Few Basics
The Importance of Overlap
LCA Selection
Flow Figures
LCA Compression Correction
Optimal LCA
Wide LCA Syndrome
Cam Timing Precision

Valvetrain Optimization
Cam and Valve Lift
Cam Factors
Rockers and Ratios
Ratio Analysis
Stud Girdles or Shaft Rockers
Rocker Arms
Valve Weight
Cam Master Program

Ignition Systems
Advance Curve
Spark Power
Plasma Ignition
Crank Triggers

Exhaust Systems
Primary Lengths
Evacupan Fittings

Chevy Big-Block Builds
Build 1: Edelbrock E-Street
Build 2: Entry-Level 496
Build 3: 482 Revisited
Build 4: UNO 525
Build 5: AFR 510
Build 6: AFR 572
Build 7: 496 EFI
Build 8: Pro-Filer Oval-Port 87-Octane
Build 9: 712 with Pro-Filer 12-Degree Heads

This volume includes a huge range of cutting-edge aftermarket parts and advanced tuning techniques. If you're serious about building a max-performance Chevy big-block engine for the street or track, you owe it to your engine and yourself to include this book in your automotive library.
Cartech, Inc.
Paperback, 144 pages

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