Automotive Machining: A Guide to Boring, Decking, Honing & More

By Mike Mavrigian
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A detailed, authoritative, and thorough automotive engine-machining guide for the hard-core enthusiast has not been available until now. Mike Mavrigian, editor of Engine Building Professional, walks you through each important machining procedure. A stock 300-hp engine build has far different requirements than a 1,000-hp drag race engine, and Mavrigian reveals the different machining procedures and plans according to application and engine design. The author also shows you how to inspect, measure, and evaluate components so you can provide astute guidance and make the best machine work choices. Machining procedures included are cylinder boring, align boring/honing, decking, valveseat cutting, cam tunnel boring, and a multitude of other services. In addition, multi-angle valve jobs, setting the valveseats, altering rocker arm ratio, re-conditioning connecting rods, and machining and matching valvetrain components are also covered.

Engine Component Cleaning
Airless Shot Blasters
Hot Tank Cleaning
Jet Spray Cabinets
Cold Solvent Wash
Soap and Water
Media Blasting
Soda Cabinet Blasting
Blasting Media
Tumbling and Vibratory Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Cleaning with Hand and Power Tools

Precision Measurement Tools
Dial Indicator
Dial Bore Gauge
Mounting a Bore Gauge with a Setting Fixture
Depth Gauge
Internal Caliper Gauge
Measuring Pushrod Length
Valvespring Height Gauge
Valveseat Runout Gauge
Precision Straightedge
Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Torque Wrenches
Cam Lobe Checker

Cylinder Block Disassembly and Inspection
Step by Step
Block Inspection
Crankshaft Inspection
Rod Inspection
Cam Inspection
Pushrod Inspection
Rocker Arm Inspection
Cylinder Head Inspection

Cylinder Block Machining
Rough Edge and Obstruction Deburring
Main Bore Align Honing
Cylinder Boring and Honing
Cylinder Sleeving
Lifter Bore Honing and Bushings
Block Deck Resurfacing
Threaded Hole Preparation
Block Blueprinting

Crankshaft Measurement, Grinding and Preparation
Measuring the Crankshaft
Selecting the Grinding Wheel
Dressing the Wheel
Straightening the Crank
Grinding and Polishing the Journals
Grinding the Flywheel

Connecting Rod Inspection and Reconditioning
Inspecting Connecting Rods
Measuring Rod Bore Diameter
Measuring Center-to-Center Length
Checking for Bend and Twist
Reconditioning Connecting Rods

Pushrods and Lifters
Measuring for Pushrod Length

Measuring Piston Skirts
Checking Ring-to-Piston Fit
Modifying Domes
Checking Valve-to-Piston Clearance
File Fitting Rings

Cylinder Head Inspection, Service and Machining
Resurfacing the Deck
Measuring Chamber Volume
Installing New Guide Liners
Refacing Valves and Seats
Measuring Valvespring Height
Measuring Valvestem Height
Checking Spring Pressure
Porting Cylinder Heads
Final Assembly

Engine Block CNC Machining
Milling the Block
CNC Terminology

Port Machining
Ports and Runners
Verifying and Monitoring with a Flow Bench
Port Matching
Intake Manifold Plenums
Intake Port Surface
Extrusion Honing

Engine Balancing
Out-of-Balance Forces on the Crank
Connecting Rods
Engine Styles
4-Cylinder Inline Engines
Under- versus Over Balancing
External versus Internal Balancing
Dampeners and Flywheels

Clearance Checking
Main Bearings
Rod Bearings
Cam Bearings
Cam Thrust
Piston-to-Wall Clearance
Rod Sideplay
Lifter Bore
Crank-to-Block Clearance
Rod-to-Block Clearance
Piston Ring Gap
Crank Thrust
Valve-to-Piston Clearance

Final Assembly
Upper Main Bearings
Crankshaft and Rear Seal
Main Caps and Lower Bearings
Pistons and Rods
Oil Pump and Pickup
Pushrods and Rocker Arms
Intake Manifold
Timing Cover, Rear Cover, Oil Pan and Valvecovers
Water Pump
Crankshaft Balancer

Whether you're an enthusiast engine builder or prospective machining student who wants to pursue a career as an automotive machinist, this book will provide insight and in-depth instruction for performing the most common and important machining procedures
Cartech, Inc.
Paperback, 176 pages. 495 color illustrations

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