Automotive Mechanics: Volume 2

9th Edition

By Ed May and Les Simpson
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Automotive Mechanics 2 Blended Learning Package includes the print book plus access to Connect, McGraw-Hill Educations unique digital learning and assessment platform.

Automotive Mechanics 2 provides material relevant to Certificate II and III in the AUR12 Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair Training package. This new and improved resource has been adapted to meet the overwhelming market demand for a blended learning package.

Contents Part 1 :
● Engine construction and overhaul
● General engine service
● Cylinder head and valves
● Cylinder-head and valve service
● Cylinder block, crankshaft and bearings
● Cylinder-block, crankshaft and bearing service
● Pistons, connecting rods and bearings
● Pistons, connecting rod and bearing service
● Engine measurement and performance
● Rotary engine

Contents Part 2:
● Fuel and engine management
● Electronic fuel injection and engine management
● Ignition systems
● Emission controls
● Induction systems, turbochargers and superchargers
● Maintenance and diagnosis: petrol engines

Contents Part 3:
● Diesel engines
● Diesel engines: features
● Diesel fuel systems
● Diesel fuel system service

Contents Part 4:
● Alternative drive systems
● Hybrid and fuel cell drive systems

Contents Part 5:
● Automatic transmissions and drive
● Automatic transmissions: torque converters
● Automatic transmissions: mechanical
● Automatic transmissions: hydraulics and controls
● Automatic transmission service
● Four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive

Contents Part 6:
● Electrical systems
● Starting system
● Charging system
● Body-electrical systems
● Body-electrical service
● Instruments and indicators
● Body-electrical components

Contents Part 7:
● Safety, security and convenience
● Braking: ABS, traction control and vehicle stability
● Air conditioning Appendices Glossary Index

This market-leading series provides a thorough coverage of the most relevant developments in the Automotive industry. A fully mapped competency grid is included to ensure teachers and students are meeting all necessary requirements of the AUR12 Training Package. Scope: Automotive Mechanics 2 provides complete coverage across Certificate II and III in the AUR12 Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair Training package.
McGraw Hill
June 27, 2014

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