Automotive Mechanics 10th Edition

By Ed May and Les Simpson

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The milestone 10th edition of Automotive Mechanics marks an impressive 47 years of service for this market-leading resource. Widely used across Australia and throughout Asia, the text introduces students to the service, diagnosis and repair of passenger and light commercial vehicles.

A major overhaul has fine-tuned Automotive Mechanics, making it easier to navigate and aligning the content more closely to the AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package.
The content ensures full coverage of the latest vehicle computer systems and diagnostic techniques.

The blended learning package is more engaging than ever and provides access to a comprehensive library of digital resources to provide students with an immersive learning experience.

Contents Part 1
● Introduction to motor vehicles
● Motor vehicle components 2 Workshop safety
● Workshop practices
● Tools and their uses
● Measuring and checking
● Friction and bearings
● Seals, gaskets and sealants
● Fuels, fluids and lubricants
● Service and maintenance

Contents Part 2
● Running gear10 Tyres, wheels and balance
● Brakes
● Suspension systems
● Steering systems
● Wheel alignment

Contents Part 3
● Engines and engine systems
● Engine fundamentals
● Engine construction
● General engine service
● Cylinder head repair and overhaul procedures
● Cylinder-block repair and overhaul
● Cooling systems and servicing
● Engine-lubricating systems
● Intake, forced induction and exhaust systems and servicing

Contents Part 4
● Transmissions and drives
● Clutches and service
● Manual transmissions, transaxles, four-wheel and all-wheel drive service
● Drive lines and shafts
● Rear axle and final drive service
● Automatic transmissions: torque converters
● Automatic transmissions: mechanical
● Automatic transmissions: hydraulics and controls
● Automatic transmission service

Contents Part 5
● Petrol fuel and engine management
● EFI and petrol fuel systems
● Ignition systems
● Emission controls
● Diagnosis: petrol engines and other vehicle systems

Contents Part 6
● Diesel engines
● Diesel engines: features
● Diesel fuel systems
● Diesel fuel system service

Contents Part 7
● Electrical basics38 Basic electrics
● Effects and applications of electric currents
● Basic electronics and mechatronics
● The battery

Contents Part 8
● Electrical systems
● Starting systems
● Charging systems and service
● Body electrical systems and service
● Instruments and warning systems
● Vehicle computer systems

Contents Part 9
● Alternative drive systems
● Hybrid, all-electric and fuel-cell vehicles

Contents Part 10
● Safety, security and convenience
● Braking: ABS, traction control and vehicle stability
● Air conditioning

This book is part of the AUSTRALIA Higher Education VET Automotive series.
McGraw Hill

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