Home Mechanic

By Gregory's Staff

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Home Mechanic provides a wealth of information on the workings of the modern automobile, together with trouble shooting, service, repair and testing procedures for the majority of the vehicle's components. Written in an easy-to-follow format to cover many different makes and models, the procedures have been proved in practice over the years in our workshop by our team of automotive technical writers.

To ensure that you can readily identify the components and the operations described in the text, many detailed photographs and line drawings have been included. Each section contains a detailed explanation of each component's construction and operation, as well as step-by-step procedures for the removal and installation of the components.

● Introduction
● General Information
● Lubrication & Maintenance
● Wheels & Tyres
● Engine Tune-Up
● Roadside Trouble Shooting
● Engine
● Cooling System
● Fuel System - Carburettors
● Fuel System - Fuel Injection & Engine Management Systems
● Clutch
● Manual Transmission
● Automatic Transmission
● Propeller Shaft & Drive Shafts
● Rear Axle
● Steering
● Front Suspension
● Rear Suspension
● Brakes
● Electrical Systems
● Body
● Emission Control
● Motoring Hints

Where applicable, detailed instructions are included for the testing, overhaul and adjustment of the components. Particular emphasis is placed on the value of trouble shooting as the identification of the trouble can, sometimes, be more of a problem than the cure itself. The trouble shooting tables will assist in the saving of time, inconvenience and expense.

By using Home Mechanic you can confidently perform numerous tasks on the vehicle with confidence. The cost of this manual may well be recovered on the first occasion it is put to use, and the personal satisfaction of a job well done is the inevitable bonus.

Published by Gregory's (Gregorys)
Gregory's Publications

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