Automotive Mechanics Fundamentals

HOW and WHY of the design, contruction & operation of modern automotive systems and units.

By Gregory's Staff
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Automotive Mechanics Fundamentals is used by year one Automotive Mechanics Students in Australia and New Zealand.

Covers Stockel Duffy - TAFE stage 1.

Automotive Mechanics Fundamentals provides you with a thorough understanding of the Fundamentals of Design, Construction, and Operation of Modern Automotive Systems and Units. Later books will explain in more detail how to service and repair these systems and units safely and correctly.

Each system or unit is approached by starting with basic theory, then parts are added until the system or unit is complete. By following this procedure, the function of each system or unit assembly is explained and its relationship to the complete car is made clear.

Learning objectives are provided at the beginning of each chapter so you will know what you are expected to learn by studying the chapter. At the end of each chapter, you will find "Review Questions" covering the content of the chapter.

Hundreds of up-to-date informative illustrations have been used. Important areas are featured in these drawings, and many are exaggerated to place emphasis on parts being discussed.

Non-related, unimportant features are minimised or completely removed. Spot colour is also used and is carefully co-ordinated with the specific needs of each illustration. This adds a positive visual impact that enhances both reader interest and learning.

Safety Precautions and Safe Work Practices are stressed in red where jobs discussed involve the risk of serious accident. In this way safety instruction becomes meaningful. You will better understand and appreciate the need and value of safety.

This book is a valuable guide to anyone interested in cars. Those who are interested in preparing for a career in the automotive trade will find the text a "must". Experienced mechanics can use this text as a refresher course on the latest technology. Car owners, who need a general guide to mechanics, will also find this book t be outstanding.

Published by Gregory's (Gregorys)
Gregory's Publications
Hardbound, 604 pages

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