Cricket Manual : The Official Guide to Playing the Game

By Andy Tennant

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An exciting addition to the range of Haynes manuals, Cricket Manual: The Official Guide to Playing the Game is the complete guide to playing cricket, fully supported and endorsed by the English Cricket Board (ECB). From health and fitness through to training, bowling, batting, fielding, strategy, coaching and umpiring, every aspect of the game is analysed and explained in detail.

● Understanding the game: brief history, spirit of cricket, various game formats, laws, officials.
● Physical and mental preparation.
● Batting: the different shots (straight bat, cross bat, 'creative'), running between wickets, building an innings.
● Bowling: pace bowling (fast, seam and swing), spin bowling (finger and wrist spin), the different deliveries, setting fields.
● Fielding: wicket-keeping, close/ring/boundary fielding, catching, intercepting, diving, retrieving, throwing.
● Captaincy, the future of the game, getting involved (coaching, ground staff, administration, volunteering), behind the scenes at NCPC Loughborough.

Presented in an attractively designed and user-friendly style with numerous photographs and graphics, this manual is an essential reference book for the keen cricketer as well as an informative read for any sports fan.
Haynes Publications
Hardbound, 196 pages

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