Using Your Computer : The Beginner's Guide

By Kyle MacRae

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Incorporating all the latest developments in technology and software, this manual, now in its third edition, is ideal for anyone who lacks experience or confidence in using a PC. The reader will learn how to set up their PC, get to grips with Windows 7, work with software and drives, get online and send emails. With clear, jargon-free text, plenty of practical exercises and numerous hints and tips, this manual is aimed at the complete beginner and no technical knowledge whatsoever is assumed or required.

Get to know your computer and peripherals. Learn how to use a mouse and a keyboard. Work with Windows 7. Understand files and folders. Install and use software programs. Connecting a digital camera. Back-up your data and make your own CDs. Set up an internet connection (with security precautions). Surf the web and send/receive e-mail. Avoid viruses and bugs.
Haynes Publications
Hardbound, 156 pages
December 2011

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