How To Build & Power Tune Distributor Type Ignition Systems (3rd Edition)

By Des Hammill
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Here is expert practical advice from an experienced race engine builder on how to build an ignition system that delivers maximum power reliably. With the enormous amount of inaccurate information about ignition systems and the confusing choice of expensive aftermarket parts out there, which all claim to deliver more power, there's a need to get the real scoop. Des Hammill cuts through the myth and hyperbole and tells readers what really works, so that they can build an excellent system without wasting money on parts and systems that simply don't deliver.

Ignition timing and advance curves for modified engines is another minefield for the inexperienced, but Des uses his expert knowledge to tell readers how to optimize the ignition timing of any high-performance engine. The book applies to all four-stroke gasoline/petrol engines with distributor-type ignition systems, including those using electronic ignition modules: it does not cover engines controlled by ECUs (electronic control units).

• Introduction
• Ignition Timing Theory
• Modified Engines Often Need Higher Ignition Timing Settings
• Static & Idle Speed Ignition Timing Settings
• Estimating Total Advanced Settings
• Vaccum Advance
• Ignition Timing Marks
• Distributor Basics
• Altering the Rate of Mechanical Advance (Part 1)
• Altering Advance Mechanism to Set Total Ignition Timing
• Altering the Rate of Mechanical Advance (Part 2)
• Checking the Quality of the Spark
• Establishing the Correct Idle Advance
• Establishing Ideal Total Ignition Timing
Veloce Publishing
Paperback, 64 pages

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