The Hack Mechanic Guide to European Automotive Electrical Systems

By Rob Siegel
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The Hack Mechanic Guide to European Automotive Electrical Systems shows you how to think about electricity in your car and then take on real-world electrical problems. The 38 chapters cover key electrical topics such as battery, starter, alternator, ignition, circuits, and relays. Through a practical approach featuring hundreds of full-color illustrations, author Rob Siegel takes the fear-factor out of common electrical projects.

You'll get step-by-step troubleshooting procedures ranging from safely jump starting a battery to vehicle energy diagnosis. And you'll find detailed testing procedures for most problematic electrical components on your European car. Essential tools are discussed, with special attention given to the automotive multimeter needed to troubleshoot many modern sensors. The principles can be applied to most conventional internal-combustion-engined vehicles, with a focus on European cars spanning the past six decades. Not intended for hybrid or electric vehicles.

The theory behind voltage, current path, circuits, and load
● Multimeters and Related Tools
The digital multimeter (DVOM) and other electrical diagnostic tools
● Common Multimeter Tests
How to measure voltage, resistance, continuity, voltage drops and current
● DIN Numbering Standard
Decoding the DIN
● Switches and Relays
Helpful procedures on how to test switches and relays
● Troubleshooting
Using a multimeter to troubleshoot a simple circuit
● Wire Gauge and Current
Tips for replacing damaged wires or adding a new circuit to your car
● Circuit Protection (Fuses)
How to inspect, test and replace fuses
What fuse to use when
● How To Make Wire Repairs
Properly repair wires using crimp-on connectors and solder joining techniques
● Wiring Harnesses
A discussion about wiring harnesses; what can and does go wrong
● Adding a New Circuit
Various ways to add a new circuit to original factory wiring
● Charging System (Alternator)
Make a basic charging system health assessment in about 30 seconds
● Starter
Complete starter and solenoid testing, on the car and on the bench
● Mechanically Timed Ignition - Theory
Theory of ignition systems used through the mid to late 1970s
● Mechanically-Timed Ignition - Troubleshooting
Hands-on troubleshooting of ignition systems used through the mid to late 1970s
● Electronic Ignition
Understand and troubleshoot electronic ignition and electronic triggering
● Reading Wiring Diagrams
Where to find a factory wiring diagram and how to read a wiring diagram
● Energy Diagnosis and Parasitic Drain
How to locate and measure parasitic drain
● Audio Head Unit
The vehicle’s electrical interface for sound system repair and modification
● Dynamic Analog Signals –Theory
Basic signal types explained along with frequency (Hz), pulse width, and duty cycle
● Tools for Dynamic Analog Signals Data
The best tools for measuring sine waves and square waves and graphing data
● Modules, Buses, and Digital Data
Electronic modules and networks. Buses and protocols CAN Bus and network topology.
Readiness, Drive Cycle, OBD-II Monitors. Diagnostic Troubles Codes (DTCs)
● Scan Tools and Code Readers
A discussion on OBD tools, scan tools, and code readers
● Introduction to Sensors
Frequently used sensors and actuators such as VRT, Hall Effect, AMR Sensors ● 28 through
● Testing Temperature Sensors
● 29 Testing Throttle Position Sensors (TPS)
● 30 Testing Oxygen Sensors
● 31 Testing Wheel Speed Sensors (WSS)
● 32 Testing Crankshaft Positioning (CKP) Sensors
● 33 Testing Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensors
● 34 Testing Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensors
● 35 Testing Ignition Stick Coils
● 36 Testing Fuel Injectors
● 37 Testing Fuel Pumps
● 38 Testing Solenoids (Actuators)
Robert Bentley, Inc Publishers
Paperback, 398 pages

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