Cigarette Cards Australian Issues & Values

1st Edition

By Dion H. Skinner
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Cigarette Cards Australian Issues & Values 1st Edition Although published in 1983 this book of 246 pages remains the ultimate guide to Australian issues, not only giving prices of cards in 3 condition grades, but importantly listing the title of each card in the set.

"Cigarette Cards Australian Issues And Values (First Edition)" is unprecedented with information and coloured illustrations for the collector, dealer, historian and student of cigarette cards.

● Presented in sets as issued by Cigarette Companies in Australia.
● Over 200 sets are listed from 1897 to 1934.
● Over 2000 coloured illustrations identifying every series front and back are catalogued in this edition.
● All sets illustrated in full colour, typically show the front of 2 to 5 cards from each set as well as the back of one card from the set.
● Includes all Cricket and Football sets from makers such as Sniders and Abrahams, Wills,J.J. Schuch, Carreras, Godfrey Phillips etc.
● More than 12,000 listings with captions of individual cards with three levels of valuations according to condition.
● Each card has a check-box alongside the listing so that you can record which cards you have in each set.

Colour Illustrations.

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Hardbound, 246 pages

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