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Haynes Publishing produce a huge range of workshop manuals for cars and motorbikes from Europe, Asia, USA and Australia. They also publish a large range of technical and non-technical books on automotive topics.

In recent years, Haynes have expanded their workshop manual range to include some topics far removed from automotive repair. There are books on home building and renovation, appliances, sports, hobbies, computers, pets, fitness and even sex. They also produce manuals covering various classic racing cars and historic aircraft. All of these manuals make excellent novelty gifts and most are of course very useful resources for the job at hand. Of course the manuals on the International Space Station, and various spacecraft from Star Trek, are probably less useful to most of us, but do make for an entertaining read.

Although Haynes started in the United Kingdom, they also have editorial facilities in the USA where they produce manuals for local US models as well as for other countries such as Australia. This means that models like our local Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon have their own unique manuals available.

Each Haynes workshop manual is based on a strip down and rebuild of the model involved and has extensive step-by-step instructions with accompanying photographs.

Manuals cover everything you will need to service, maintain and repair your car or motorbike. They include maintenance schedules so you know what needs checking or replacement, and when this should happen. For when something goes wrong, they include information about how to troubleshoot and fix problems. They also include simple to follow wiring diagrams.

About the only thing not usually covered in great detail is automatic transmissions. Because of the specialised nature, generally only basic information is provided such as servicing, and removal and replacement.


The company was founded in England in 1960 by John Haynes OBE. He had published his first book on building an Austin 7 Special a few years earlier while still at school, and then two more 'Special' builders' manuals while doing his National Service in the RAF.

The first "proper" Haynes workshop manual was published in 1966 and was for the Austin Healey "Frogeye" Sprite. Like current Haynes workshop manuals, it was produced with the aid of a complete strip down and rebuild of a project vehicle.

Since then, around 430 workshop manual for cars and motorbikes have been published, not including the similarly large range of manuals produced outside of the UK.

Creating each car workshop manual takes 20 to 30 man-weeks. They buy a car at the beginning of the project for the strip down and rebuild, which lasts approximately 4 weeks. From start to finish, each manual usually takes between three and six months. Motorcycle manuals take about two-thirds as long.

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