Aircraft Workshop : Learn to Make Models That Fly

By Kelvin Shacklock
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The key to the book is the extraordinary thoroughness of its scope and content, from the step-by-step instructions to the detailed scaled plans and illustrations. Even the “summary of contents” is five A4 pages long showing at-a-glance what there is to learn and how to get additional information and practice!

Aircraft Workshop: Learn to Make Models That Fly covers your first flying model, what materials and tools are needed, marking and cutting, designing your own plane, construction drawing, enlarging plans and building models. It explains the simple rules of flight, building a glider with control surfaces, building a ‘progressive’ trainer, choosing radio control, how to handle your first flight, preflight checks, flight debriefing, adding an engine, engine management, engine tuning, powered flight and adding wheels.

Flying instructions include taxiing, takeoff, landing, basic flight manoeuvres, turning, figure of eight, flying in a wind, dead stick landing, loop and roll.

Modelling techniques covered include working with polystyrene, moulding in fibreglass, vacuum forming, finishing and fitting out, installing large engines, registration of plans and much, much more…….

● Designing your first ‘chuckie’
● Glider with control surfaces
● Piper J-3 Cub building exercise
● Joining a club
● Building a Micro T – a ‘progressive’ trainer
● Choosing a radio; Radio control and first flight
● Adding and managing the engine
● Adding wheels
● Adding a camera
● Looking at and modelling full-size aircraft
● Building a sports-scale plane
● Building a 1/4 scale DH71
● Sport kit to Schneider racer
● Building a 60″ Hawker Sea Fury
● Researching and building a 1/5 scale Spitfire F.XIVE
● Where to from here? Summary of Contents

Kelvin Shacklock began modelling aircraft at primary school and has retained an interest ever since. He is a member of the New Zealand Model Aeronautical Association and has served as President of the Christchurch Radio Flyers. A self-employed designer and computer graphics artist, he has worked in advertising, publishing and industrial design. He was the stylist for the Hamilton Marine Jet Boat Thunderball, featured in the James Bond movie of the same name.
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Paperback: 264 page

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