Repair manual experts

We stock quality printed repair manuals from publishers like Haynes, Clymer, Gregory's, Bentley Publishers, Chilton's, Seloc and Ellery Publications. We also carry factory manuals for many Holden, Mazda and Nissan models.

Let us help you choose the right manual for your car, motorcycle/scooter/ATV, outboard motor/PWC or tractor/farm equipment.

Why choose a printed repair manual over a computer-based manual?

  • Greasy fingerprints are something to be proud of on a printed manual but aren't good for computers.
  • You can leave the manual in your car, bike or boat so it's there if you need it – at home or on the go.
  • No huge downloads, no complicated installation processes, no viruses and no expired subscriptions!

Not just repair manuals... Browse our range of books:

Haynes practical lifestyle manuals

Haynes practical lifestyle manuals range includes books on home building and renovation, appliances, sports, hobbies, computers, pets, fitness and even sex. Haynes also produce manuals covering various classic racing cars and historic aircraft. All of these manuals make excellent novelty gifts and most are of course very useful resources for the job at hand. Of course the manuals on the International Space Station, Zombie attacks, and various spacecraft from Star Trek, are probably less useful to most of us, but do make for an entertaining read.

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Steel mesh sheets and fence panels

We supply galvanised steel wire mesh sheets and are located in the western suburbs of Sydney, NSW. Perfect for fencing, pet and animal enclosures, trailer cages, garden stands, retaining walls, shelving and storage.

Also available is edge protection fencing compliant with AS/NZS 4576 - 1995.

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