Chrysler Torqueflite A904 and A727 Transmissions

By Tom Hand
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Tom Hand shares his decades of experience rebuilding TorqueFlite transmissions with chapters dedicated to troubleshooting, disassembly and reassembly, performance modifications, post-installation procedures, and the most thorough source guide offered in print, ever.

History, Identification and Evolution of the A-904 and A-727 TorqueFlite
The Manufacturing Facility
Production Numbers and Transmission Identification
Evolution of the TorqueFlite A-904 and A-727

TorqueFlite Components and Operation
The Components
The TorqueFlite in Operation

Fluid Level
Shift Linkage
Throttle Pressure Linkage
Road Testing
Hydraulic Pressure Testing
Air Pressure Testing
Torque Converter Stall Testing
Noise Identification

Transmission Disassembly
General Safety
Tools, Chemicals and Miscellaneous Supplies
The Work Area
Cleaning for Disassembly and Inspection
Tearing It Down
Removing Subassemblies

Component Preparation
Oil Pump
Front Clutch
Rear Clutch
Overrunning Clutch
Planetary Gear Assembly
Kickdown Servo and Band
Low-Reverse Servo and Band
Output Shaft, Governor and Parking Gear

Control Valve Body Preparation
Pressure Control and Regulation Valves
Check Balls, Pressure Regulators, Transfer and Separator Plate, Lock-Up Valve Assembly or Stiffener and Filter
Shuttle Valve and Governor Plugs
Manual Lever and Throttle Pressure Lever
Shift Valves and Regulator Valve
Shift Valves and Regulator
Manual Lever and Throttle Pressure Lever
Shuttle Valve and Governor Plugs
Check Balls, Pressure Regulators, Transfer and Separator Plate, Lock-Up Valve Assembly or Stiffener and Filter

Subassembly Installation Tips and Pre-Assembly Tests
Air Checking Clutch Assemblies before Installation
Miscellaneous Component Preparation
Overrunning Clutch
Low-Reverse Servo
Low-Reverse Anchor, Band and Drum: A-904
Low-Reverse Anchor, Band and Drum: A-727
Planetary Gear Assemblies, Sun Gear and Sun Gear Driving Shell
Kickdown Servo
Front and Rear Clutch Retainer
Kickdown Band
Oil Pump
Extension Housing
Air Checking Assemblies
Accumulator, Valve Body, Levers, Filter, Switch and Pan
Post-Install Procedure

The Torque Converter
Torque Converter Basics
Details of a Continuous Cycle
Factors That Affect Converter Operation
Converter Issues
Factory Converters
Aftermarket Converters
Selecting a Converter

Performance Modifications
Why Modify?
TorqueFlite Strengths
Modification Parts
Shift Modification Kits or Complete Valve Bodies
TorqueFlite Specialty Internal Part Upgrades
Friction Upgrades
Bands, Levers and Struts
Complete Overhaul Sets

Appendix A: TorqueFlite Transmission Numbers
Appendix B: Troubleshooting Charts, Data and Specifications
Appendix C: Performance Modifications and Suggestions

Hand also walks you through the TorqueFlite rebuild with color photos showcasing step-by-step procedures with highly detailed, easy-to-follow text. This book will keep money in your pocket and add experience to your r sum , but more important, it will help you get your Mopar back on the road!
Cartech, Inc.
Paperback: 160 pages

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