Jeep Owners Bible 3rd Edition

By Moses Ludel
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Jeep Owners Bible includes coverage for Jeep models through 2004, and meets the needs of every Jeep owner from the first time buyer to the most seasoned trail runner.

In this edition Moses shares his knowledge of Jeep vehicle history, off-road driving tips, erformance upgrades and modifications, selecting accessories that meet specific driving demands, and step-by-step technical procedures.

Jeep Owner's Bible Covers Models:
● MB
● CJ
● Pickup
● Jeepster
● Wagoneer
● J-Trucks
● Cherokee
● Scrambler
● Wrangler
● Grand Cherokee
● Liberty

Table of Contents:
Jeep - Building a Legend
- Willys-Overland's Winning Bid
- The Kaiser/Jeep Corporation Years
- AMC Acquires Jeep Corporation
- 1980s Onward: Years of Technological Change

Buying a Jeep
- CJ Models
- 4WD Pickups, Station Wagons, J-Trucks and Wagoneers
- Jeepsters and Commandos
- Compact Cherokee and Comanche
- YJ and TJ Wranglers
- Inspecting a Used Jeep 4x4
- Buying a New Jeep

Operating Your Jeep
- Learning To Drive Your Jeep 4x4
- Off-pavement Four-wheel Drive
- Special Uses For Your Jeep 4WD
- Jeep Clubs

Working on Your Jeep
- The Jeep Chassis
- Drum and Disc Brake Systems
- The Jeep Engines
- Transmissions and Transfer Case Units
- Repairs On The Jeep Truck
- The Jeep Owner's Toolbox
- Miscellaneous Chores

Jeep Maintenance and Preservation
- "Full-Service" Lubrication and Maintenance
- Long-term Storage Of Your Jeep Truck

- Aftermath of Hard Four-wheeling
- A Guide to Troubleshooting

Engine Tune-Up
- Engine Applications
- Ignition Tune-Up
- Fuel System Tune-Up
- Major Engine Diagnosis
- Valve Adjustment

Emission Control Standards
- Emission Control Basics
- Routine Emission Control Service

Cooling System Repairs
- Cooling System Basics
- Changing Your Water Pump

Clutch and Transmission
- Clutch and Transmission Troubleshooting
- Clutch Adjustments
- Clutch Replacement Tips
- Transmission Adjustments

Transfer Case, Driveshafts, Axles and Hubs
- Transfer Cases
- Driveshafts
- Axle Assemblies
- Locking Hubs

Suspension and Steering
- Springs
- Shock Absorbers
- Steering and Front End
- Wheel Alignment

Brakes and Wheel Bearings
- Wheel Bearings
- The Braking System

Body and Detailing
- Battling Rust
- Body Detailing

Electrical System Basics
- The Electrical System
- Electrical Troubleshooting
- The Starter Motor and Cold Cranking Chores

- Winches
- Electrical System Upgrades
- Roll Bars
- Seat Belt and Safety Harnesses
- Trailering

Engine Performance and Modifications
- Performance and Smog Legal Modifications
- Engine Upgrades
- Maximizing 2.8L GM/Cherokee V-6 Power
- Building AMC / Jeep 232 / 258 Six
- Engine Rebuilding

Geartrain Modifications
- Transmission/Transfer Case
- Clutch
- Jeep Axle and Traction

Suspension Upgrades
- Chassis Modifications
- Off-Pavement Suspension Tuning
- Steering Gear Conversions
- Tires
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Paperback, 504 pages

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