Chevy Differentials : How to Rebuild the 10- and 12-Bolt

By Jefferson Bryant
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Many of these differentials are now more than 40 years old and are due for an overhaul. In Chevy Differentials: How to Rebuild the 10- and 12-Bolt, author Jefferson Bryant walks you through the entire process of disassembling, evaluating, and rebuilding the perfect differential for your GM application. In this step-by-step guide, you learn how to completely disassemble the differential, evaluate components, and select replacement parts. You're also shown all of the up-to-date techniques for re-assembling the differential and axle. Informative sections on axle identification and replacement parts are also provided.

History and Identification
10-Bolt Identification
12-Bolt Identification

Suspension Types and Differential Housings
Leaf Spring Rear Suspension
Watt’s Linkage Rear Suspension
Coil Spring Rear Suspension
Triangulated Four-Link Rear Suspension
Independent Rear Suspension
Project: Building a Universal Axle
Front Suspension
Advanced Suspension Components
Project: Installing an A-Body Axle with Tubular Arms
Project: Updating Inside the Housing
Bearings and Races

Main Housing
Limited-Slip or Open Differential?
External Inspection
Axle Removal
Pinion Yoke Removal
Axle Shaft Removal
Carrier Removal
Pinion Removal
Cleaning the Housing
Project: Converting a 12-Bolt for a 1967 Chevy Truck

Open Differentials
Limited-Slip Differentials
Project: Installing Plug and Separator Block
Project: Installing Ladder Bars
Clutch-Type Differentials
Project: Rebuilding a Clutch-Type Differential
Axle Assembly Continues

Determine Gear Ratio
Gear Selection
Ring Gears and Carrier
Ring Gear Bolts
Bearing Installation
Ring and Pinion Machining

Torque Load
Spline Design
Stock versus Aftermarket Axles
Aftermarket Upgrades
Project: Replacing Wheel Studs

Setup and Installation
Project: Installing an Axle Assembly and Differential
Pinion Depth
Pinion Gear Patterns
Project: Pattern Checking
Project: Setting the Base Pinion Depth
Ring Gear Backlash
Project: Setting the Ring Gear Backlash
Project: Setting Up a Dial Indicator
Preload Adjustments
Complete the Rebuild
Gear Break-In Procedure

Choosing a Builder
Power Output Considerations
Carrier Bearings
Mounting Options
Removal Methods
Project: Installing a Driveshaft U-Joint
Snap Rings
Project: Modifying a Stock Driveshaft

Lockers and Spools
Auto Lockers
Mechanical Locking Differentials
Electronic Locking Differentials
Drop-in Lockers

Wheels and Tyres
Wheel Fitment
Project: Creating a Wheel Fitment Jig
Project: Measuring for Tyre Clearance
Tyre Codes
Tyre Grading
Tyre Use
Tyre Construction
Tyre Sizing
Tyre Storage
Tyre Selection

Maybe you have found a salvage-yard unit and want to rebuild it to upgrade your existing vehicle. Maybe you would like to install an aftermarket 12-bolt assembly for extreme performance or racing. This is the only book dedicated solely to rebuilding, setting up, and modifying these axle assemblies for long service life and maximum performance. If you're going to rebuild a Chevy 10- or 12-bolt axle, this book delivers the essential information to get the job done right.
Cartech, Inc.
Paperback, 144 pages

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