Street Turbocharging : Design, Fabrication, Installation,Tuning

Of High Performance Street Turbocharger Systems

By Mark Warner
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Street Turbocharging offers both theory and practical hands-on advice, with detailed steps and techniques explained in easy-to-understand language. Add to that close to 500 detailed photos and illustrations, and you get a clear picture of what's involved.

Project Vehicles
Toyota Mr2; Datsun 510; Datsun 510 Rotary; Honda Civic Dx; Ford Mustang Gt; Chevy Camaro; Toyota Supra Turbo; Dodge Dakota Diesel; Suzuki Hayabusa; Rv6a Airplane

Part I: Power Basics
● Internal Combustion Basics
● How Power Is Created
● The Engine As Air Pump
● The Four Ways To Increase Airflow

Forced Induction Basics
● Superchargers
● Turbochargers
● Asking Hard Questions
● Kits Vs Custom Systems

Pressure, Temperature, And Airflow
● Measuring Pressure
● Pressure Ratios And Boost
● Temperature
● Density Ratios
● Engine Displacement
● Volumetric Flow Rates
● Air Density And Mass Flow Rates
● Horsepower

Part Ii: Turbocharger Components
● Compressors
● Compressor Basics
● Compressor Efficiencies
● Compressor Maps
● Sizing A Compressor
● Plotting Map Points
● Compressor Summary

● Turbine Basics
● Turbine Housings
● Wheels, Trims, And Clips
● Divided-Entry Turbines

Center Housing And Rotating Assemblies
● Oil Journal Bearings
● Ball Bearings
● Oil Supply Systems
● Turbo Timers

The Exhaust System
● Exhaust Basics
● Turbo Exhaust Manifolds
● Materials; Downstream Exhaust

Boost Control
● Turbine-Side Boost Control
● Compressor-Side Boost Control Basics

● Intercooler Basics
● Intercooler Math
● Air-To-Water Intercoolers
● Intercooler Performance And Efficiencies

Water Injection
● Water Injection Basics
● Injection Systems

Fuel Injection
● Injector Basics
● Sizing Fuel Injection Systems
● Intake Manifolds
● Plenums And Throttle Bodies
● Injector Placement, Fuel Rails, And Fittings

Control Systems
● Fuel Control Basics
● Determining Airflow Rates
● Injector Timing
● Ignition Control Systems
● Megasquirt

Engine Components
● Engine Blocks
● Crankshaft & Connecting Rods
● Pistons & Coatings
● Compression Ratios
● Cylinder Heads & Gaskets
● Camshafts & Valves
● Engine Cooling
● Putting It All Together
● Turbocharger Gauges

Dyno Testing And Tuning
● Dyno Basics
● Testing On A Dynamometer

Designing, building and testing turbocharged engines has never been easier. For the enthusiast searching for an accurate, easy-to-understand source of information on turbochargers, 'Street Turbocharging' is the perfect tool for the job.
HP Publications
Paperback, 202 pages
August 2006

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