Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management

How to Understand, Service and Modify

By Charles O. Probst
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Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management is the authoritative handbook on Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management Systems. This is the only manual that fully explains aspects of the most widely installed Bosch systems, including specific technical information on the newest KE-Motronic and LH-Motronic systems that is not available from any other source.

Bosch Systems covered:
● Motronic
● LH-Motronic
● L-Jetronic
● LH-Jetronic
● KE-Jetronic
● KE-Motronic
● K-Jetronic
● D-Jetronic

Bosch Fuel Injection-An Overview
- Introduction
- Fuel Injection is Here
- Fuel Injection Types
- Engine Management
- Bosch Jetronic Family Tree
- Applications

Engine Management Fundamentals
- Introduction
- Basic Factors
- Operating Conditions and Driveability
- Emission Control
- Control Systems

Pulsed Injection-Theory
- Introduction
- L-Jetronic
- LH-Jetronic
- Motronic
- D-Jetronic
- Digifant II

Pulsed Injection-Troubleshooting and Service
- Introduction
- Troubleshooting
- Fuel Supply
- Start and Warm-up Testing
- Air-Flow Measurement
- Idle Speed
- Mixture and Lambda Control
- Motronic Timing and Dwell

Continuous Injection-Theory
- Introduction
- Air-Flow System
- Fuel System
- Fuel Metering
- Control Systems, Vensations
- KE3-Jetronic and KE-Motronic

Continuous Injection-Troubleshooting & Service
- Introduction
- Troubleshooting
- Air-Flow Measurement
- Fuel Supply
- Control Systems (K-Basic, K-Lambda)
- Control Systems (KE-Systems)
- Idle RPM and Mixture
- Start Auxiliaries

Tuning for Performance and Economy
- Introduction
- The Legal Issues
- Driveability
- High Performance Basics
- System Basics
- Air Flow Improvements
- Knock Sensor
- Tricks
- Racing Applications
- Radical Injection Systems
- Suppliers

With over 350 illustrations and photos, this 224-page book is a must-have reference for do-it-yourself mechanics, performance enthusiasts, and professional technicians who want to understand Bosch systems.
Robert Bentley, Inc Publishers
Paperback 224 pages

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