Vintage Volkswagen Beetle Accessories

By Stephan Szantai
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It is well documented that the Volkswagen Beetle is the best-selling vehicle of all time. In 1972, the 15-millionth Beetle was produced, breaking the record set by the Model T about 40 years earlier. It was a simple design with styling that appealed to the masses. It was affordable, practical, and fun. Because it was such a simple car and so many were sold, many people enjoy customizing their car with many accessories, which has been a large market for these cars dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. There is even a market today for people who collect these accessories without installing them.

In Vintage Volkswagen Beetle Accessories, which is authored by veteran VW historian Stephan Szantai, a whole range of accessories are covered. Of course, a history of the Beetle is detailed, as well as the companies that formed the accessory aftermarket. Included are accessories for dressing up the exterior of the car, such as vented windows, bumpers and guards, turn-signal technology, addon lighting, mirrors, etc. Then, interior accessories are examined, such as radios, ashtrays, gloveboxes, gauges, and clocks. No accessories book would be complete without engine accessories, covering both dress-up options and functional performance parts.

Travel accessories, such as roof racks, coolers, extended gas tanks, tail racks, and coffee makers are detailed. Wheels are also covered. A gallery of accessorized Volkswagens of all types are featured, including Type 2 Buses; Type 3 squarebacks, fastbacks, and coupes; Karmen Ghias; and even singleand double-cab pickup bodystyles are included. Join the fun and nostalgic romp through VW accessory history with this new title that features everything cool about customizing your VW.
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Paperback, 144 pages

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