Holden HQ 1971 - 1974 Service Manual (5 Volume Set)

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Holden HQ 1971 - 1974 Factory Service Manual Set comprises all five volumes of the General Motors Holden HQ service manuals.

The HQ service manual set also forms the basis for later models including the HJ, HX, HZ and WB series. Supplements for these models are sold separately, see GMM37545 (HJ, HX and HZ) and GMM38376 (WB).

● Belmont Station Sedan, Sedan, Panel Van, Coupe Utility
● Kingswood Station Sedan, Sedan, Coupe Utility
● Monaro Coupe, GTS Coupe, GTS 350 Coupe
● Premier Station Sedan, Sedan
● Luxury Sports Coupe
● Statesman Sedan, de Ville Sedan

Holden HQ Factory Service Manual: Volume 1 covers body and sheet metal.

● General Information
● Underbody
● Front End
● Rear Quarter
● Rear Compartment
● End Gate
● Doors
● Seats
● Stationary Glass
● Roof
● Sheet Metal
● Exterior Ornamentation
● Radiator Grill
● Bumpers
● Special Tools
● Alphabetical Index

GMH part number M37015.

Holden HQ Factory Service Manual: Volume 2 covers front suspension, rear suspension, brakes, steering and wheels and tyres.

● Front Suspension
● Rear Suspension
● Brakes
- Drum Brakes
- Disc Brakes
- Disc Brake Master-Vac
● Steering and Linkage
● Power Steering
● Wheels and Tyres

GMH part number M37016.

Holden HQ Factory Service Manual: Volume 3 covers rear axles, manual transmissions, automatic transmissions and propeller shaft and universal joints.

● Rear Axles
- Banjo Type
- Salisbury Type
- Limited Slip Differential
● Manual Transmissions
- 3 Speed
- 4 Speed - Option M20, 21
- 4 Speed (Muncie)
● Automatic Transmissions
- Trimatic
- Turbo Hydramatic
● Propeller Shaft and Universal Joints

GMH part number M37017.

Holden HQ Factory Service Manual: Volume 4 covers general information, general lubrication, engine and clutch, cooling system, fuel and exhaust system, and engine tune up.

● General Information and Lubrication
● Engine Assembley
- L6 (130, 173, 202 cu.in.)
- V8 (253, 308 cu.in.)
- V8 (350 cu.in.)
● Clutch
● Fuel System
- L6 Engines
- 253 cu.in. V8 Engine
- 308 & 350 cu.in. V8 Engines
● Cooling System
- L6 Engines
- 253 & 308 cu.in. V8 Engines
- 350 cu.in. V8 Engine
● Fuel Tank and Exhaust System
● Engine Tune up

GMH part number M37018.

Holden HQ Series Factory Service Manual: Volume 5 covers engine electrical, instruments, wiring, lighting, and air conditioning.

● Generating System (Bosch & Lucas)
● Starting System (Lucas & Bosch) - L6 and 253 & 308 V8
● Starting System 350 cu.in. V8
● Ignition - L6 and 253 & 308 cu.in. V8 Engines
● Ignition System 350 cu.in. V8
● Battery and Cables
● Lighting
● Instruments
● Wiring Diagrams (Coloured)
- Engine Compartment Wiring
- Instrument Panel Wiring (Belmont, Kingswood, Monaro)
- Instrument Panel Wiring (Monaro GTS and Instrument Option U21)
- Instrument Panel Wiring (Staesman DeVille)
- Instrument Clusters Wiring (Instrument Options U16 and UD1)
- Body Wiring
● Air Conditioning (Complete instructions for overhaul and rebuild of Air Conditioning System plus gauges required)

GMH part number M37019.

Note : Volume 6 is no longer available. Volume 6 was the supplement for commercial vehicles.

A Digital master of Volume 6 is available at the National Library of Australia. Please contact me if interested and I will send you their link.

Factory Publication.

Holden Factory Publication Re-print with Copyright.

General information on Repair Manuals

Please note that workshop manuals are usually written for models sold in a specific country. Differences in specification can exist between models sold in different countries and items such as engines can vary. Please check that the manual will cover your model before purchase and if you are unsure please contact us first.

Factory repair manuals are the same manuals as those used by the dealers. As they are primarily intended for dealer use the manufacturers usually release a base repair manual when a new model is introduced (either a single manual, multi-volume set or separate volumes) and then release supplementary manuals as the model changes, for example a model facelift or introduction of a new engine. Supplements generally cover only changes to the model and are intended to be used in conjunction with the base repair manual(s). For full coverage you will need the base repair manual and all relevant supplements up to the date your model was manufactured.

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